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What Captain America: Civil War Is Missing

I loved Captain America: Civil War. It certainly draws one in, and makes one feel what the characters are feeling. And while there are some things which I would have done differently if I were directing the movie (and those opinions are my own) this is a list small things which would have added to what is already there.

The First Action Scene Needs To Be Tied In With The Rest Of The Movie

While the explosion at the end of the sting operation in Lagos does get the ball rolling for the rest of the movie, the scene itself is pretty independent of the rest of the plot. It’s a fun and exciting scene, but I think it was missing something; it was missing Zemo. In Winter Soldier where they’re rescuing hostages from the Lumarian Star, who was on the boat, and what it was doing in the first place, became significant to the overall plot. But in Civil War, the Biohazardous material and Rumlow trying to get it, had nothing to do with the rest of the story at all. I think it would have been great if there was some reference to Zemo sending Rumlow/Crossbones out on these “missions”, not to accomplish whatever they were trying to do, but to get the Avengers to commit some sort of collateral damage.

Each Side Needed One More Argument

While most people praise Civil War for not bogging down the movie with a dialogue and a debate between the two sides, I think that each side needed one more point to really round out their argument.

  • Steve Rogers should have asked “What would we have done differently with an oversight committee?” Until the end of Winter Soldier the Avengers did have an oversight committee in the World Security Council. All the good that did, given that they almost launched Hydra controlled Helicarriers into the air, and ordered a Nuclear missile to blow up New York. The only ‘mistake’ the Avengers made was trying to interface with Loki’s Scepter which resulted in Ultron. And Tony Stark intentionally didn’t tell the rest of the team that he was doing that, so he certainly wouldn’t have told an oversight committee.
  • Tony Stark should have mentioned more of the legal complications that he was having. He does mention the issue he was having with housing Wanda in the US, and there is a TV playing in the background where someone asks “By what authority were the Avengers in Nigeria in the first place?” I think this should have been given one more sentence of air time. Tony should have said that by not even having quasi legal status, they were running into issues with getting countries to prosecute and detain the bad guys that they captured. Or that people who died while fighting the Avengers don’t become homicide cases. I’m pretty sure that lots of countries wouldn’t like the idea of a rich, white man sending his private army into their countries to do whatever they felt like doing

Zemo Needed To Be Doing Something Which Needed To Be Stopped

I think that lots of people will feel a bit of a let down from the end of the movie, but will struggle with why they’re feeling that way. My thought is that people will be feeling “Shouldn’t that climax have been more climactic?” Don’t get me wrong, the final conflict between Iron Man and Captain America was given great motivation and passion. I’m talking more about Zemo. The second act airport battle happened because Captain America needed to get to Siberia ASAP, to stop Zemo from getting his hands onto something very dangerous. But when Captain America finally gets to Zemo, Zemo says (and this is paraphrasing) “I wasn’t going after the dangerous thing, I just wanted to pick up this VHS.” Once your brain processes the fact that the last step in Zemo’s plot didn’t really need to be stopped, it’s a letdown. Zemo could have been getting a hold of material in hopes that it would tear the Avengers apart, in addition to getting a hold of another weapon he could use to perhaps kill off one or two of them.


So there you have it. A list of things which certainly don’t require big changes to Captain America: Civil War, but if where done would have made this great movie, even better.

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  1. December 15, 2016 at 11:58 am

    I think the Avengers is the best thing in comic book movies in a while. It was solid, start to finish. Good storytelling and great action scenes. A few zingers here and there, lastly how will some relationships ever mend. A solid movie for me overall.

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