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Swamp Blackberries

August 20, 2011 Leave a comment

The North side of our condos’ property is bordered by a wetland. It’s basically an area, sanctioned off some years ago from allowing man kind to enter. It’s not that big, and currently is surrounded by suburbs. I’m sure there were times when someone wanted to develop the land, but you know what? I think it’s okay to have these “sanctuaries” found in the suburbs. One reason is that in the event of floods the wet lands will flood first, instead of some residents who didn’t know when they were buying they were buying into the “flood plain” of the surrounding area. The other reason is that wetlands/swamps help purify water as it finds its way to the ocean. Nothing wrong with that.

One of the “benefits” of living in the Pacific Northwest is that during late summer/early fall the invasive blackberry species grows wild blackberries. Since there are a lot of blackberry vines on our fence line, during this time of year there’s always a couple of ripe blackberries to pick everyday. Most of the year property owners are actively fighting off the invasive, take-over-everything-vines, but for a few weeks one can’t help but enjoy them. I was surprised today by the variety of flavors the blackberries provided. Most were sour, in a good citrusy sour way, but some were really sweet. None of the berries are duds (unlike oranges), so it’s always worthwhile to pick one.

While I’m not going to cross the fence line and go into the wetlands for harvesting blackberries I’m glad that we can at least get a little treat out of our swamp.

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Fickle Washington Rain

February 12, 2011 Leave a comment

The forecast for today (12 Feb 2011) is nothing but rain. When Amanda and I woke up this morning, it was mostly cloudy and not that cold. I thought about going on a run then (my first since tearing my abdominal wall), but Amanda wanted to go do stuff. So we went and did stuff. The weather kept on looking good, and I figured I’d go running at 11:00. The weather must have heard me make this announcement.

After having finished some chores around 10:30, I looked outside and the weather was still good for a run. Some dark clouds off on the horizon, but nothing bad. Having just finished chores, I wanted to mess around for a bit, so I did. At 10:55 I got dressed to go on a run and didn’t put on my shell top and hat. If it wasn’t going to rain there’d be no need for it. It only took a few meters of running before it started raining. And not just a Seattle style sprinkle, but some decent rain.

Since I was still close to the condo, I ran back inside, grabbed the top to my running shell and my running hat. Starting again, it only took getting out of the parking lot for the rain to stop. Thinking it was start raining again, I kept my shell on, but before too long I was hot and had to take my shell top off and wrap it around my waste.

Erg, if only the rain wasn’t scheduled for 11:00 – 11:05 I wouldn’t have overdressed for my run.

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