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Quick and easy plan to make a fortune

December 16, 2010 Leave a comment
For all of those who have met Isis, they know that she makes very stange noises. She does not meow, but she does makes noises. Since these aren’t typical cat noises, but are still organic, they are a movie sound engineers dream; an otherworldly yet organic noise. Now all I need to get is get in contact with a Hollywood sound artist, and my fortune will be made. We’ll record Isis, and all of the varied sounds she makes, and I’ll just rake in the royalties as her sounds appear in any movie needing a unique sound for a cute monster or alien.
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Does it scare the cat?

December 12, 2010 Leave a comment

For those who don’t know, Isis (our cat) doesn’t meow. She will meow when something is really bothering her (bath, etc) but that’s it. So to me, it seems like it must hurt her to meow making it only worth it to her when something more painful is going on. The last few days though we’ve been surprised to hear little meow’s. But they’re generally followed with a dash across the condo. It makes me wonder if Isis’s is meowing, not knowing she’s the one making the noise, and is then running away from the source of the noise. One can only wonder.

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Kitty Krash

December 5, 2010 Leave a comment

This morning, just after Amanda and I made the bed, we were getting dressed and Isis jumps up onto the bed. I was standing on the right of the bed and Amanda was standing on the left of the bed, in between the bed and her dresser. Isis must have decided that being on Amanda’s dresser would be better than being on the bed and made a running sprint towards the dresser. From what I could tell it looks like that she was able to jump where she was planning on jumping. However, it didn’t look like she got the jump she wanted. I think Isis was able to lift her front paws up high enough that they made it to the top of the dresser, but that was it. Bam! Isis head butts the dresser and falls. I couldn’t help but laugh, it was so funny. I see Isis take off and a moment later all I see are her back legs spread wide in that they still had forward momentum, but the rest of her body did not. Then I see Isis fall in a ball of scrambling fur and paws as she tried to find a hold on something. Isis didn’t find a hold on anything and hit the floor. Amanda immediately picked her up and started consoling her while I stood there and laughed and laughed. If only I knew to have recorded it.

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Cat Tales

September 27, 2010 1 comment

I’ve primarily known two cats in my life. The first is Didi, a long black hair cat which Katrina got when I was six years old. The second is Isis, a short hair cat that Amanda got when I was twenty seven years old. One thing that I have found entertaining is seeing Isis’s tail. I’m talking about when I see just her tail. The typical case is when I’m sitting at the table eating, and over the table I see the tip of a tail giving away Isis’s position. I find it a little entertaining. I don’t remember this happening with Didi. There could be multiple reasons for that though.

1) I was too short to see anything over the table when Didi ever walked around with her tail sticking up.

2) I don’t remember if Did ever walked around with her tail up. Since she had long hair her tail would have been heavier.

3) Didi never hung around the table like Isis does. Since we don’t discourage Isis from jumping up on the table, when we’re eating Isis will jump on the chairs and find ways to play with us while we eat.

Anyway, I find it funny that there’s this cat periscope giving away Isis’s position while I’m sitting down and enjoying a meal.

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How to find a cat that doesn’t meow

June 12, 2010 1 comment

For all of those who don’t know, Amanda and mines cat Isis doesn’t meow. She will when we’re giving her a bath, but then it’s more of a threat to kill us all once she’s been dried off.

On Thursday I come home and David is there playing Guitar Hero III. I’m putting my jacket away in the coat closet and Michael comes out from the back room. We go look at the kittens and talk about the kittens for a little while. I’m walking around, getting the kittens food, etc. when I notice that I don’t see Isis. No big deal. Then when talking with David I hear Isis collar jingle. I look around, no Isis. Hmmm. She must have ran by really quickly.

For the next few minutes there’s still more coming and going and I don’t see Isis, and neither do Michael or David. I hear the jingle when watching Guitar Hero and then really look around. I don’t see Isis at all. What is she up to. I go and grab something in the kitchen and when I’m walking back I see a paw desperately pawing out from the coat closet. Poor Isis. She must have seen my putting my jacket away as an opportunity to investigate the coat closet, and I shut her in!

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Cat Food Ball

May 16, 2010 Leave a comment

One of the toys that we have for our cat Isis is a food ball. It’s a hollow plastic ball about one inch in diameter. It has a hole in one end that lets kibble in and out. The idea is that the cat bats the ball around and kibble slowly drops out. It gives the cat something to do besides waltzing up to a bowl and eating.

When we first got this one for Isis she never used it. Then for two or three nights I didn’t put food in her food bowl, I only put food in the food ball. I make sure that her food bowl has kibble in it during the night (I don’t want her to starve) but during the day I make sure that the food ball has food in it. Isis now prefers the food ball. She hardly touches her food bowl anymore. When there’s kibble in the food ball she doesn’t knock it around wrecklessly, she wants to food. So she nudges it along with her nose, constantly sniffing waiting for another piece of kibble to drop out.

I think it’s fun to watch.

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Isis makes it difficult to open windows

March 27, 2010 Leave a comment

If we open a window Isis likes to jump up onto the window and smell and listen to the outside. Once in a while she’ll get so excited that she’ll want to go outside and starts scratching the screen. That is not good. So anytime we have a window, or the backdoor open we have to watch Isis to make sure that she doesn’t scratch the screen.

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Isis likes shoes

February 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Something that Amanda and I have been surprised about, has been how much Isis likes shoes. Anytime she finds a new pair of shoes she loves to sniff and explore them. I don’t think that I’ve noticed that behavior in another cat.

She gets really excited when I get back from a run and take my shoes off. While I’m stretching she sniffs and sniffs them. Apparently going on a run brings back lots of new and interesting smells.

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